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Sponge float finish or trowelled finish
OC – CSIV – W2

  • DESCRIPTION - A mortar made from cement, selected aggregates and additives ready to be mixed with water, for manual or machine application. To prepare substrates for subsequent painting.
  • CHARACTERISTICS - Excellent workability. Very good adherence to sound substrates. Can be applied directly onto the surface. Good mechanical resistance. Yield: 1,8 Kg/m2 and per mm of thickness.
  • HOW TO USE -Mix the product with 22% water until an homogenous blend is achieved. Apply the mortar using a trowel to minimum thickness of 8 mm. The mortar may also be applied with a spray machine. Smooth with a trowel.
  • COLOUR RANGE - White Special colors are available on request.
  • SUBSTRATES- Prefabricated cement blocks, ceramic bricks and concrete.
  • CONSERVATION- Store in a dry place.
  • STORAGE- Shelf life is approximately 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in unopened original packing in dry conditions.
  • PACKAGING - 25 kgs. 3 ply paper-plastic-paper sacks. Shrink-wrapped pallets of 1.400 kg.(56 sacks)