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Sponge float finish or trowelled finish
OC – CSIV – W1

  • DESCRIPTION - A mortar made from cement, selected aggregates and additives, ready to be mixed with water, for manual or machine application. For waterproofing and decorating façades and interiors. Sponge float finish or trowelled finish.
  • CHARACTERISTICS - Excellent workability. High yield. Very good adherence to sound substrates. Can be applied directly onto the surface. Yield: 1,8 Kg/m2 and per mm of thickness.
  • HOW TO USE - Mix with 26% water until an homogenous blend is achieved. Wait for several minutes before applying. Mix manually or mechanically. Apply a minimum thickness of 8mm of the mortar to the base using a steel trowel. The washing process should be carried out using a slightly moist sponge. A maximum of 1 to 2 hours should be allowed between application and washing. The time required may vary according to climatological conditions.
  • COLOUR RANGE - White Special colors are available on request.
  • SUBSTRATES- Prefabricated cement blocks, ceramic bricks and concrete.
  • CONSERVATION- Store in a dry place.
  • STORAGE- Shelf life is approximately 6 months from date of manufacture if stored in unopened original packing in dry conditions.
  • PACKAGING - 25 kgs. 3 ply paper-plastic-paper sacks. Shrink-wrapped pallets of 1.400 kg.(56 sacks)