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(Renovation Coating)

  • DESCRIPTION - Smooth coating for facades containing special, recently developed, high technology dispersions. Impermeable and breathable, it has excellent durability and adherence and is resistant to weathering. It is highly resistant to alkalinity, severe environmental and industrial conditions.
  • USES - Interior and exterior walls
  • APPLICATION -TR-COATING can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun. Stir before use to ensure the product is well mixed. Ambient and surface temperature should not be less than 5ºC or more than 35ºC and the ambient humidity less than 80%. The surface must be dry (less than 10% of relative humidity). For exteriors do not apply if rain is forecast during the period of up to 4 hours before application.Do not apply during midday sunshine hours or on very humid days. At least two coats should be applied, diluting the first by 15-25%, or more if the surface to be painted is very porous, and the finishing coat by a maximum of 10%. Dried at 25ºC and 65% relative humidity: the product is touch dry after 30 minutes and can be repainted in 4-6 hours. Utensils should be washed with abundant amounts of water immediately after use.
  •  Surface preparation - New or unpainted surfaces. Ensure that the surface is clean and dry and has fulfilled the necessary air curing time (minimum 3 weeks). Make sure that the surface is firm and consistent, with no tendency to flake or disintegrate. If not, repair and strengthen the surface using the appropriate materials. If areas of mould or mildew are present, first treat them with antimould detergent.
  • Previously painted surfaces - Ensure that the surface is compact and firm. Check the state of the existing paint carefully, eliminate cracked and flaking paint. Check the state of the existing paint carefully, eliminate cracked and flaking paint.
  • COLOUR RANGE - We currently have a range of 175 colours available. Special colours are available on request.
  • STORAGE - The shelf life of the product in its original unopened plastic bucket at ambient temperatures of no more than 30ºC and no less than 5ºC is two years.
  • PACKAGING - 15 L. Plastic bucket. 30 units/ pallet