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Powder release agent

  • DESCRIPTION - Mixture of organic compounds, colorants and additives used to reate a layer on top of fresh flooring and avoid adherence to the stamp when pressed. Release agent for Truccsa MOLDEX y MOLDEX 1.0
  • CHARACTERISTICS - Good water repellent. Bulk density of the product in powder form: 0,500 gr/cm3 . Yield: 0,3-0,4 Kg/m2
  • HOW TO USE - Sprinkle it on Truccsa MOLDEX or MOLDEX 1.0 until the surface where the stamp is to be applied is well-covered. The release agent can be removed the following day by sweeping or pressurised water.
  • COLOUR RANGE - We currently have a range of 36 colours available. Special colours are available on request.
  • SUBSTRATES - Truccsa MOLDEX . Truccsa MOLDEX 1.0
  • CONSERVATION - Store in a dry place.
  • STORAGE - Shelf life is approximately 6 months from date of manufacture if stored in unopened original packing in dry conditions.
  • PACKAGING - 8 kg. Plastic bucket