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Liquid Release Agent 

  • DESCRIPTION - Mix of organic compounds especially indicated as a release agent for molding Truccsa IMPRESO or Truccsa TIXOTRÓPICO. Free-solvent product. Ready-to-use product.
  • CHARACTERISTICS - Appearance: Oily and colorless liquid. Odour: Odourless . Freezing point: 4º C (max.). Autoignition temperature: 271º C . Density (15º C): 0,760-0,770 gr/cm3. Solubility: organic solvents . Yield: 100 ml/m2
  • HOW TO USE - Apply onto the surface of Truccsa IMPRESO or Truccsa TIXOTRÓPICO (still fresh) and onto the stamp or roller, with which we are going to mold, with a brush, roller or by spraying, making sure to cover the entire surface; adherence may occur on areas that are not covered. Once DECAFLOW is applied place the roller or mold onto the mortar, applying a light pressure until the required texture is achieved.
  • CONSERVATION - Store in a dry place.
  • STORAGE - Shelf life is approximately 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in unopened original packing in dry conditions.
  • PACKAGING - 5 L. and 25 L. plastic drum.