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C1E UNE-EN 12004 

  • DESCRIPTION - Adhesive with good workability, for laying ceramic tiles and floors inside and outside. Suitable for bonding parts with medium-high heat absorption.
  • CHARACTERISTICS - Resin based adhesive suitable for interior and exterior coating. Special ceramic placement absorption medium-high. Special brackets apply gypsum and plaster. A good adherence product and non slip
  • HOW TO USE - Mix the product with 25% water, manually or using an electric mixer on low speed (500 rpm) until a homogeneous mass. Let stand 5-10 minutes and remix the dough again. Spread with a notched trowel (see chart notched trowels), never more than 2m2, since the shorter the time between styling and placement of the piece, the greater the adhesion. Place the pieces, pressing and pounding to achieve good penetration. Respect the expansion joints, construction and perimeter. In more than 30m2 floor, expansion joints. In more than 15 m2 floor, perimeter joints, between wall and floor. The minimum recommended joint between platelets is 2mm. The grouting will be after 24 hours in coatings and 48 hours flooring.
  • COLOUR - White and grey.
  • SUBSTRATES- Conventional supports in walls and floors inner and outer. Gypsum or plaster based substrates
  • CONSERVATION- Store in a dry place.
  • STORAGE- Shelf life is approximately 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in unopened original packing in dry conditions.
  • PACKAGING - 25 kgs. 3 ply paper-plastic-paper sacks. Shrink-wrapped pallets of 1.400 kg.(56 sacks)